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My Soul Needs Nurturing

75 min  |  $120.00

Combine two services for great value, take time to treat those feet and calves with Love your Legs then lie down and relax with with our Taste Of Luxe express facial, caring for your body and your soul, leaving refreshed and relaxed.

Indulgence Time Pamper Package

90 min  |  $150.00

Give the gift of absolute relaxation- an hour and a half of three treatments including foot and leg soak, full body massage with optional mini hot stone treatment and finishing with a sublime face and scalp massage- Tamanu oil for face and skin rejuvenation or Rosemary infused oil for hair treatment and growth...prefect for him and perfect for her....


Taste of the Islands Facial and Massage

90 min  |  $151.00

Start with a beautiful 1 hour body massage followed by 30 minute our Taste of Luxe facial using  Volcanic Earth products cleanser, Pumice and Honey scrub toner, tamanu infused moisturizer and facial stimulation massage.

Pacific Earth Signature facial and massage

110 min  |  $179.00

Start with a luxurious and relaxing one hour full body Pacific Island massage followed by our 50 minute Volcanic Earth signature facial. Our facial proudly uses exclusive Volcanic Earth products which include the coveted Pumice and Honey facial scrub and tamanu nut oil infused facial moisturiser. With Volcanic Earth products we receive the benefits or organic, natural plants, honey, and volcanic pumice stone found on Mother Earth and incorporated into these internationally recognized products. The full Signature Facial also uses Pacific hot stones in a gentle facial massage in place of the more common western hot towel steamer.

Hibiscus Bloom Luxe Package

85 min  |  $109.00

This package combines the exclusive Hibiscus Luxe facial together with an additional 30 minute head, shoulder and neck massage, fantastic for skin rejuvenation. The Hibiscus range is from Volcanic Earth and he hibiscus flower and natural oils in these products brighten and lighten your skin, reducing redness and revitalizing skin cells.

Indulgence Time Pamper Package

90 min  |  $150.00

Start with a warm magnesium salts foot soak and sugar scrub then…..

Retreat to the massage tables and lie in bliss and enjoy a full leg and body massage ending with an optional free mini hot stone therapy for your back then…

End your hour and a half treatment with a full face and scalp massage using our unique Tamanu oil for the health and anti aging properties. 


Love your Legs and Feet

50 min  |  $60.00

We look after your legs and feet and then you feel good all over...sore feet and tight calves fade away with a pacific island magnesium foot soak, pumice and honey scrub from the volcanos of the Pacific and finishing with a firm vanilla infused coconut oil massage using hot stones and coconut oil .Feet and legs massaged to stimulate blood circulation and relaxation.   


Full Luxe Facial - Woman

50 min  |  $90.00

Using extraordinary Volcanic Earth products your skin will feel cleansed, toned and invigorated with our full luxury care facial. The full suite of products is also available for an additional $180 if purchased at time of facial.

Full Luxe Facial - Man

50 min  |  $90.00

Using extraordinary Maileani products designed a little differently for men your skin will feel cleansed, toned and invigorated with our full luxury care facial.

Taste of Luxe Facial

30 min  |  $60.00

Our facial express is still a luxury 30 minutes of bliss using quality Volcanic Earth products including our famous Honey Pumice exfoliator but omitting using a masque.  Your skin will feel cleansed, rejuvenated and glowing after this treatment.

Hibiscus Flower Brightening Facial

40 min  |  $65.00

Using our exclusive Hibiscus facial masque and nutrient rich facial oil for a 40 minute full facial to rejuvenate and brighten facial skin tissue. The hibiscus and natural oils in these products brighten and lighten your skin, reducing redness and revitalizing skin cells.


Pacific Island Hot Stone Body Massage

90 min  |  $145.00

Feel the benefits of our traditional Pacific Island body massage using coconut oil and especially incorporating ancient hot black stone treatments  developed in the South Pacific and Hawaii islands to release tension from tired limbs and sore backs. Relaxing and comforting, especially used for deep tissue relief.

Pacific Island Body Massage

60 min  |  $99.00

One full hour body massage, your body will feel relaxed and tingling after this full 1 hour massage from feet to scalp. Using pure coconut oil and Pacific Island traditional massage technique.

Sleep Remedy Massage Package

75 min  |  $135.00

Needing a good nights sleep, feeling tense? Our Pacific therapists use their mindfulness and Island awareness to focus on the individual and work on releasing tension and anxiety from tired and sore limbs and back using firm and soothing massage. We use special organic Vanuatu vanilla infused coconut oil for this massage. This massage experience includes a Kava tea, Kava is an ancient ceremonial and medicinal relaxant used purposely to reduce anxiety, reduce high blood pressure and facilitate deep and blissful sleep.

De-stress and Uplift Back Massage

30 min  |  $60.00

Your upper body and lower back unwinds...starting at the stress holding points of your neck, head and shoulders going all the way to your lower back, this massage takes the tension away from your upper body. Using coconut oil and strong, soothing massage, focusing on these tension points this massage uplifts mind, body and spirit and give a real reduction in physical stress. Let the therapist be aware of any body aches and tensions.

Magnesium & Tumeric Back Massage

30 min  |  $60.00

This massage focuses particularly on your back muscles to relieve stress, tightness, tension and heaviness, the magnesium salt is used especially to create a positive energetic response from your muscles and skin tissue.  We use the magnesium to rub your full back, including shoulders and lower back, followed by warm coconut oil and Tumeric balm massage.  This massage should leave you feeling tingling, mentally uplifted and relieve upper and  lower back pain.

Pacific Island Body 15 minute Kids Massage

15 min  |  $15.00

An opportunity to introduce your young family to the benefits of massage.  Relaxing, improves circulation and helps calm. Can only be booked in conjunction with a parent taking a one hour massage treatment and parent must be present througout. Suitable for kids under 8.  Coconut body oil is used in this massage.

Pacific Island Head and Shoulders Massage

30 min  |  $45.00

Only time for half an hour of luxury relaxation? Take 30 minutes to lie down and relax with our south pacific head, neck, shoulder and arms massage. Coconut oil is used in this massage.

Gentle Face Massage

30 min  |  $45.00

Using gentle techniques to plump the skin and improve circulation we use Tamanu oil, known for its rejuvenating qualities to sooth and facilitate the growth of newer skin.

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